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public speaking And one to one political coaching

The truth is that public speaking is a skill, it can be learned, We Provide some tips and tricks you can use on the day of your speech to make it go more smoothly, though.you can learn the Goal of speech including educating,entertain or influence the listeners. Public Speeches can cover a wide variety of different topics. Its a must for leaders and managers . its a must for sales. it's basically a requirement for all entrepreneurs, Teachers and business leaders

  • Establish a Connection with your listeners and public.

  • Present so that people want to listen & follow you

  • Overcoming fear of speaking

What You Get?

  • Confidence

    Overcome your fear of public speaking and developing great delivery

  • Speech & Rapport Building

    we’ll turn to the important ways that speaking and writing differ. you should have some tools for evaluating your speech writing.

  • Ideas

    we can work on our basic& Pro speech model: the key point speech. Sharing Ideas to engaged Audience

  • Language

    learn different types of languages like verbal and non-verbal, body languages

Coaching Package

Public Speaking

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The Intro

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/ Package + Taxes as per Govt. Policy
  • Story Telling

  • Rapport Building

  • Basics Of Speech

  • Types Of Speech

  • Support

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Next Level

*rates are subject to change


/ Package + Taxes as per Govt. Policy
  • Strategy

  • Rapport

  • Story Telling

  • One to One Session

  • Nlp in Politics

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