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Shri Chandrakumar Jajodia

MD, Madhusudan Group
Vivek is a trusted resource for "Madhusudan Group" .He has worked with a number of our high potential leaders ,helping them navigate the transition from manager to leader in a complex and demanding organisation by his keen insight into leadership dynamics.Vivek has showed expertised,team building,sales,emotional intelligence and a willingness to connect with people. When looking for professional development, I highly recommend Vivek Doba as your Business Coach

Taapash Dasz

Lieutenant colonel
Vivek doaba is Humility personified. he is an all encompassing personality and the best quality in him as a trainer is that he gets down from that elevated pedestal of trainer and takes you along to reach the very place where he is. he makes it so easy and comprehensible that in just one sitting with him the elementals get downloaded into you. he brings out the very best in his students and participants and I feel very blessed and lucky to have met him.

Pavan Sharma

Management Representative Yashaswi Group,Pune
Vivek Doba is a dedicated trainer, his Business coaching helps our MBA students to Achieve Goals,& guide them to having a personal Breakthrough.his amazing coaching on stress management, Team Building, Sales is really on practical base and helpful for our Students. We appreciated your responsiveness, flexibility, candour and insights. I encourage everyone to meet Vivek Doba and explore his subtle to manifest latent leadership abilities.

Anupama Mishra

Director & Trainer at The Core Alignment
Vivek Doba is a great business coach he knows very well how to help people to reach their full potential...

Aashutosh Deshmukh

Assistant Project Manager - Projects Texmaco Rail & Engineering Limited , Pune Metro Rail Project
Vivek Doba Sir | Perfect Teacher | Mind-blogger | X-Men (of) Knowledge | At outset, I would like to THANK YOU for all the guidance, teachings, love & blessings you showered on us always. This is the place where the scary subject finds interesting & fun. This will be the place, where you could learn to handle your emotions, act on your goals & move confidently in your decisions. (NLP & Ignite Workshops) I always feel blessed to have Vivek sir on this beautiful & happy journey called life. Right from being a teacher, mentor to a parent figure & best friend. You are always an Avenger for me.

Rahul Shirbhate

Director @ Erudite Academy
✍️I have just completed a Course name Business Sutra 2.0👑 with Mr. Vivek Doba and the results have been unbelievable. in this course we focused on the 5 pillars of business and made it strong. I have grown my business in multiple of 5X and taken J-curve in my business. Best investment I ever made and would highly be recommended 🙏Mr. Vivek Doba to other Entrepreneurs who wants to become a part of the journey from ZERO TO HERO. Signing up for more coaching now..!💪

Mehul Surana

I have known Vivek Sir for more than a year now, he has the ability to remain calm even in a difficult situation, and find solutions, and that is what he also teaches so that anyone can find simple solutions to difficult problems and the beauty is that he explains it to the level that anyone can understand. With the actionable provided by him, one can easily go from point A to point B in his/her life. Being with Vivek sir is a journey from wondering what to do? to exactly knowing what to do. Just try once and you will know for yourself. And your association with him will be a long term one for sure. JUST ASK!!!

Er Sachin Jadhav

Project Manager Zensar
I am associated with Vivek Sir for almost 2 years now. Meet him first time in NLP program and then did the secret of counselling from him. He changed my thoughts and view to look at life completely. He is such a wonderful life coach that he can pull you out from any kind of worst situation. During the weekly sessions, I have learned a lot from him which has helped me in every aspect of life. Thank you very much Sir for all your guidance. Keep sharing your thoughts which can change many lives.

Dr. Bharat P. Kasar

Director, Camp Education Society’s RMD Institute of Management, Pune - 44
7 Merit Mantra Safalta ke Sahaj va Saral Mantra The book, ‘7 Merit Mantra’ is a journey from nothing to everything. The author with his exemplary storytelling style has made the book comprehensible and creates interest in the reader. Through the short and easy to understand stories, the author takes the reader through a journey adding values through everyday life experiences. A reader is able to associate himself with the personalities in the stories. The roles of Sumeet, Rudra and his friends create the impression of ‘characters’ in the story being around us. Various chapters and the incidences are well connected and make a long-lasting impression of the various aspects of SWOT, Time Management, SMART work, Health consciousness in leading a successful life. The book also includes chapters that create compassion for parents and God in the mind of the reader. I am confident that the author through the lucid language and narration of Rudra’s life from failure to success will bring in a positive change in the reader's life. I congratulate Mr. Vivek Doba for such a wonderful book that will contribute to bringing positive change in the youth of our country who would lead the nation to progress!
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